At A Glance

The Melaka Historic City has established a twinning relationship and cooperation with various cities since 1984, namely with the Lisbon, Portugal (1984); Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1989); Valparaiso, Chile (1991); Nanjing and Jiangsu Province, China (2001); Changsha, China (2004); Sawah Lunto, Indonesia (2004); Padang Panjang, Indonesia (2004).
The Twin Cities Convention is a platform to revitalize meeting for Melaka with Twinning Cities, Friendship Cities, partners and others in our continuous efforts towards strengthening an existing relationship and partnership, and moving forward for innovative twinning in various aspects of mutual interest and benefits. The Twin Cities programme initiated the Convention on April 2001, with the aim to build sustainable cities together.
Experiences from abroad have provided some indicative guidelines on how to plan, conduct and manage twinning programmes. The International Convention on Melaka Twin Cities is a platform to gain knowledge, learn and emulate from the successful foreign experiences in city twinning, whilst adapting the programme to suit the local norms, values and culture.
The Asia Urban Youth Assembly ( AUYA ) provides young people in Asia with the opportunity to discuss and deliberate on important issues, in order for them to make relevant contributions to the New Urban Agenda of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( UN SDG ).
The Assembly is not only informative but also maintains its status as the premier urban youth platform for deliberating on urban youth issues.